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GastoniaSpark Clear Aligners services offered in Gastonia and Mooresville, NC

Many people would love to correct alignment issues and feel great about their smile, but aren’t sure that traditional metal braces are the right fit. The Spark™ Clear Aligner System offers an alternative and is available to residents of Gastonia and Mooresville, North Carolina, through the care of Farid Hanachi, DDS, PA, and the team at Hanachi Orthodontics. Learn more during a face-to-face consultation, which you can book online or by phone today. 

Spark Clear Aligners Q & A

What is the Spark Clear Aligner System?

The Spark Clear Aligner System is an orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear plastic trays to correct misalignment and improve your smile. The system works in much the same way as InvisalignⓇ, and your orthodontist can help you determine which system is right for your needs.

Tray-based alignment systems use custom-molded trays that fit snugly over all of your upper or lower teeth. These trays create pressure that slowly shifts your teeth into improved alignment, correcting issues like crowding, overbite, underbite, and more. 

Spark aligners offer the chance to move closer to your ideal smile without the hassle and discomfort of traditional metal braces.  

Why choose Spark clear aligners over traditional metal braces?

Metal braces have long been used to correct alignment issues. They’re a safe, effective means of transforming smiles. 

That said, there are drawbacks to metal braces, and not just the aesthetics of a gleaming metallic smile. For many, the brackets and wires used in metal braces create discomfort in the soft tissues of the mouth. 

This is especially true for people who participate in sports or other activities that require helmets during practice or play. Full-face helmets press against your cheeks and can lead to abrasions when your inner cheeks make contact with metal brackets or wires. 

Spark aligner trays are made from TruGEN™, a patented clear material that resists staining. In fact, as compared to the leading tray-based alignment system, Spark aligners remain significantly clearer over time. 

Are Spark clear aligners difficult to wear?

The TruGEN plastic material used to craft Spark aligners is strong enough to create powerful alignment, yet comfortable to wear. As you move through treatment you’ll switch to new aligner trays every couple of weeks. 

It’s normal to experience some soreness for a day or two after changing to a new set of aligners. That’s because the new aligners will place more pressure on your teeth, and as the days pass your teeth will move, reducing that pressure and shifting closer to your ideal smile. 

There’s no pain associated with the Spark alignment system. You’ll quickly get used to snapping your aligners in and out when it’s time to eat or perform your dental hygiene routines, and they’ll quickly become just another part of your normal routines. 

To explore the Spark Clear Aligner System in greater detail, schedule a visit at Hanachi Orthodontics online or by phone today.